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Court Marriage Procedure

Court MarriageThere are many people who ask to us approximately court marriage procedure. Mostly loving couples put this question before our legal team that they want to obtain marry with each other yet their parents are not ready to accept this marriage. Most of loving couples ask approximately the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan & most of couples feel confusion approximately the fee of court marriage. Today we are answering these question below.


Court Marriage procedure

Pakistani constitution gives right of liberty to select a marry with. If a boy & a girl have wish to obtain marry with each other then they should full fill the requirements below.

1. Under the law a girl who has attained the age of puberty (Approximately 16 years) & boy with the age of 18 years can obtain marriage with their freewill without any repression or fear.

2. For the purpose of age verification & personal particulars boy & girl have to provide CNIC (National Identity Card) Form B or other educational certificates which can prove that boy & girl who want to obtain marry have attained the age of puberty.

3. In case girl or boy do not have any relevant document which can prove the real age of boy & girl then they have to submit an affidavit with two present passport size photographs of each person. These two photographs will be attached at the front of affidavit.

4. Now girl has to appear before judicial officer or oath commissioner to execute the documents of her free will to marry & after that the marriage will be performed in the presence of two at lest two witnesses.

The procedure which has been prescribed above is very effortless yet most of boys & girls want to obtain legal security from their parents. Because majority of boys & girls obtain court marriage against the will of their parents. So I suggest you below procedure for court marriage.

1. Same requirements as mentioned in above procedure.

2. Same requirements as mentioned in above procedure.

3. Same requirements as mentioned in above procedure.

4. Now law will call a nikah khawan who will perform nikah in the presence of two witnesses from boy & two witnesses from girl. According to Islam & sharia boy & girl are not husband & wife. But according to law of Pakistan nikah should must be registered in union counsel. After completion of nikah nikah khawan will register it in nearest union counsel.

5. Now lawyer of husband & wife will file a writ petition before judicial magistrate or district & session judge. The purpose of this writ petition will be secured married life & no Intervention of parents. Now girl will demand safety from her parents even she will inform to court that she has received marry with someone yet her parents are threatening both of them & now she wants to spend her life with her husband. The court will order to the concern SHO to provide security to both of them.

Purpose Of Girl Statement

There is a question which raises in our mind that what is the real purpose of statement of girl. When girl leaves her home for getting marriage with someone then the parents of girl must lodge an FIR of abduction of girl & when police produce them before court in most of cases girl deny to accept that the above marriage was with her free will. The parents of girl force her for frivolous statement. In such situation above statement of girl will moreover helpful for boy.

Fee Of Court Marriage

Fee of court marriage is not fixed It depends on your lawyer. Most of lawyers demand Rs. 10000 to Rs. 50000.


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Lawyers in Lahore & Islamabad

If you have wish of professional lawyer for court marriage then you can contact at below mobile phone numbers without any hesitation. Only Lahore & Islamabad people. Please do not make call for legal advice.

Lahore Office
Mudassar Hussain Qureshi
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Advocate High Courts
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