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What is DTH & C-Cline Receiver ?

dish internet settingNow a days DTH service has been banned in Pakistan due to sale of illegal ways. Most of people do not have much knowledge approximately DTH service. They compare DTH service with usual dish (satellite). Even both are different to effortless other. Common dish & receiver which we use for free to air channels is not ban in Pakistan yet because DTH is paid service & we have to pay to India. So its ban in Pakistan. There are many DTH services in the world. But most popular services in India & Pakistan are Dish Tv, Tata Sky, Reliance Big Tv & Sun Tv. For that services we have to pay Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per month which is not affordable for all. But now china has introduce a new satellite receiver which has ability to decode these paid channels by using C-Cline or CCCAm. Even you can find free C-Cline or cccam from our website. I know its pleased news for all who have wish to obtain free dish tv, tata sky, huge tv, sun tv or reliance huge tv package. You can moreover watch free hotbird packages by using this method. These sharing receivers required an internet connection for decoding paid channels. You can connect your receiver with internet by using wifi or mobile sim. These receivers do not use much bytes of internet. you required 100 mbs to 200 mbs for one month. In this post I will show you approximately settings of internet connection in digital china receiver for using cline.

Internet Connection Settings in All China Made Receivers

First connect wifi antena or insert GSM sim in your receiver according to the internet option of receiver.

Wifi Digital Receivers USB antenna.


Connect USB wifi antenna at the backside of your receiver in CVBS USB.


Wifi Digital Receiver Antenna
you can moreover insert GSM sim at the backside of your receiver if it has option for it.

Sim Digital Receiver
Now press menu button of your receiver then go to the Ethernet Config option at the bottom of Date Time.

Internet Setting Of Digital Receiver
After clicking on the Ethernet Config you will find Link Type which has two options first one Wifi Network & second one 3G network. Select one according to your available network. If you want to use wifi antenna then select wifi network & if you want to use GSM sim for internet then select 3G network.

internet setting receiver

If you have select wifi  network then go to Config which is at the bottom of Link Type.

wifi connection in digital receiver
Now enter username & password of your wifi router & select auto link option. 

Wifi Connections receiver
Now press link button. It will show a message of Network Connection Success.

network connection success

Now your digital satellite receiver is ready to use for enter C-Cline or cccam. I will show you how can we enter cline or cccam in a digital china receiver & how can we decode all paid tv channel packages in few seconds.

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