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A Non Muslim came to an Aalim & asked: Why is it not permissible in Islam for a women to shake hands with a men ?
Aalim said: Can you shake hands with the Queen ?
Non Muslim said: Of course not, there are only certain people who can shake hands with the Queen.
Aalim then replied: Our women are queens & queens do not shake hands with strange men.
Non muslim asked another Question: Why do your women cover up their bodies ?
Aalim smiled & received 2 sweets, he opened the 1st
1 & kept the other 1 closed. He threw them both on the dusty floor & asked the *Non Muslim: If I asked u to take one of the sweets from the floor, which 1 will u take ?
Non Muslim replied: The covered one of course
Aalim said: That’s how we treat & see our women
Non muslim then asked: Show me God if he exists.
Aalim replied: Look straight into the Sun
Non muslim replied: I Can’t see, the Rays are hurting my eyes.
Aalim said: If u can’t look at the Creation of God then how will u be able to Look at the Creator ?
Lastly the Non Muslim invited the Aalim to his house & gave him some Grapes, the Aalim eat them, then the Non Muslim offered him a cup of wine, the Aalim refused, the Non Muslim asked him how come you Muslims are forbidden drink wine & yet you eat grapes, although the wine comes from grapes ?
Aalim replied: Do u have a daughter ?
He said yes,
Aalim asked him … could u marry her ?
Non Muslim Said no,
The Aalim said SubhanAllah,
You marry her mother & can’t marry her although she came from her too.
— Its a Thought Provoking for all Believers.

** With best Regards ,
Choudhry Naveed Javed.


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