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Chilli Burger Recipe in Urdu

Chilli Burger Recipe in urdu is a very popular recipe of turkey . Its satisfactory for health. It is very effortless to prepare & gives you unique taste of Iftar Items. burger recipe, burger recipes, burger recipe in urdu, pakistani recipes.

Burger Recipe in Urdu


1 ½ pounds or 700 grams of Minced Beef (Keema)
4 Hamburger Buns
1 medium Onion (finely chopped)
2 cloves of Garlic (Lehsan) (peeled & crushed)
4 tbsp. or 60 ml of Fresh Coriander Leaves (Hara Dhania) (chopped)
1 tbsp. or 15 ml of Crushed Chilli Flakes (Kutti Mirch)
2 tsp. or 10 ml of Ground Cumin (Pisa Zeera)
Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper (Pisi Kaali Mirch) (freshly ground – to taste)
2 tbsp. or 30 ml of Sun-Dried Tomato Paste
Butter (for toasting buns)
2 tbsp. or 30 ml of Cooking Oil

Heat oil in a pan & fry the garlic & onion until the onions are translucent & soft. Add the cumin & chilli flakes & fry for 2 minutes. Leave to rad slightly, then place in a bowl with the beef, sun-dried tomato paste, coriander, salt & black pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly, then divide into 4 equal portions & shape into burgers.Brush the grill or pan with a little oil & cook the burgers for approximately 8 mins, turning once. This will result in a medium-rare burger (increase cooking time to taste).Put butter on buns & lightly toast in a frying pan. Place the burger in the toasted bun. Add lettuce & sauces as required.

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