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PayPal Mobile Verification in Pakistan

PayPal-SMS-VerificationPayPal is a very popular payment gateway in all over the world. But unfortunately PayPal is not available in Pakistan. Most of people in Pakistan make paypal accounts with the verification of payoneer debit card. It is a most effortless way to use paypal in Pakistan. But majority of people have to face a very usual problem of mobile phone sms verification. Mobile phone sms verification serviec makes paypal services more secure & reliable. PayPal team can verify the person by sending a verification sms on provided personal cell number. Most of Pakistani people make PayPal accounts with fake address & mobile phone number even Pakistani people do not have wrong intention for paypal. Sometime paypal needs mobile phone verification from paypal account holders. There are two ways of mobile phone verification. First one is via sms & second one is through phone call. It depends on the account holder that what he likes. But mostly Pakistani people do not have US mobile number & therefore they have to lose their paypal account & money too. When we fail to verify our personal cell number then paypal asks approximately residential electricity bill or driving license with the same address which we had provided in paypal account during signup. At the end we have to lose our  paypal account. There are many people on internet who are providing many paypal verified account services on internet. But there is not a single person who has a single working idea approximately paypal mobile phone sms verification.

But today we are sharing a very unique & secret way of paypal mobile verfication. Its free of cost & we our experts are sharing this useful way on AchiSite.COM first time. You can obtain many ways of paypal & ebay verification yet all are very difficult even most of methods are useless. They do not work with Paypal. Because paypal is using very secure sms system which works only on a real USA mobile phone number. But today you can obtain an very effortless way of paypal verification. Please follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Download DingTOne application from PlayStore on your smart phone. You can use Dingtone application with your local mobile phone number. Dingtone application provides free calling credit on daily basis. You can obtain free balance by clicking on “I am feeling lucky” or “Daily Check-in” or watching videos even you can obtain free credit by installing new applications on your smart phone. You can moreover by credit with your credit card or paypal account.


  • 2. After installation DingTone application on your smart phone you need minimum 100 credit in your dingtone account. You can earn this credit by daily checking of free credit offer. Even you can moreover buy 500 credit with you paypal or credit card. When you reach at 100 credit now you need to buy a new USA mobile number. Dingtone provides real us mobile phone number in only 100 credits for a year.

Paypal mobile verification

  • 3. After choosing a mobile US mobile phone number you can add this us number with your paypal or ebay account. Even you can receive all paypal notification messages on this application. This method is 100% working. We hope this method will resolve your issue of paypal verification. If you have any question regarding this topic you can leave your message at the bottom of this article our experts will must reply to you as shortly as possible.

Paypal Verification





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