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Author Topic: Adsense Approved Account in Urdu - گوگل ایڈسینس کا منطور شدہ اکاونٹ  (Read 6126 times)

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Adsense Approved Account in Urdu - گوگل ایڈسینس کا منطور شدہ اکاونٹ

Do you want to get Google Adsense approval fast? Who don’t. Every blogger wants to make more money online by their Blog. Most of the blogger use Google Adsense for it, because it is most reputed ad network by Google itself. But it’s not easy to get Google Adsense approved account. You might have tried many times to apply for Google Adsense account but Adsense disapproved your request. You might be thinking, Why Google Adsense disapproved your application.  Google has many reasons to disapprove your application for Google Adsense.
One of the big reasons for Get disapproved by Google Adsesne is Its strict approval rules. And this why even if you have a good blog, good traffic, rank and still you get disapproved. Just because it’s strict rules some times even genuine application get disapproved. Blog layouot, blog content, number of psots, SEO, backlinks, program polices, nudity everything counts at the time of approved your blog for Google Adsense account. Here are some things that you should do before applying for Google Adsense. Check out the 10 tips to get your blog approved for Google Adsense account.

          Site Design:
A simple design of your blog/website is much better than complex one. A good and simple looking site has more chances to get approved for Google Adsense program. If your site having professional design you have good chance to get Google Adsense approval. Professional design means your site must have easy navigation, relevant colors, social median buttons, an accessible search box and others. Now if you think you have professional design site you may apply for Adsense.

          Minimum Posts:
If you are applying for Google Adsense for your blog,  Make sure you have at least 50 articles on your site. Not only you have minimum 50 number of post in your blog but also all articles should be quality article before applying for Google Adsense. So you must considered about your blog pages because this is the major requirement for getting Google Adsense approval.

          Domain Type:
Your domain must be a TLD (Top Level Domain) than any sub-domain. Not only sub domain ( but also some domain extensions like and .tk domain are considered unsafe for Adsense, Because these extensions are mostly used for spamming. So if you are applying for Google Adsense by these sub-domains or domains and .tk domains, there will be very less chance to get approval and you will be disapproved by Adsense. I recommend you to use a Top Level domain while applying your application for Google Adsense.

          Domain Age:
Since Domain Age does not matter most of the time. But According to the Google Adsense term and condition your domain must be 6 month old before applying for Google Adsense program. A minimum 6 month old domain is only eligible for applied for Adsense account. In case, if your domain is less than 6 month old and you are getting huge traffic, You may apply for Google Adsense and you might be approved by Google Adsense.

          Content Type:
Your blog content is a big matter for getting Google Adsense approval. Your blog must have unique content. You don’t have copy pasted content in your blog.  I recommend you to write quality and unique content before applying for Adsense. Just post really easy article like, How to install wordpress plugin, How setup Wordpress blog or more. If you have a adult site, don’t apply for Google Adsense. Because Adult site is not got approved by Google.

          Decent Traffic:
Traffic is one the big reason for approving and disapproving for Google Adsense program. The more traffic you get the more chance you have for approving your Google Adsense account. If you are getting  good traffic from search engine not paid traffic, you have more chance to getting Adsense approval fast. Your site should have a minimum of more than 50 visitors per day.

          Additional Pages:
If you are going to apply for Google Adsense make sure you site must have some additional pages like About page, Contact page, Archive page, Sitemap page, Privacy Policy page, Disclaimer page and Terms of Use page.  Having these page in a blog/website tell what is your blog about, how it is useful for. So if your blog has these page you can apply for Google Adsense.

          Install Google Analytics and Add site to Google Webmasters Tool:
This is the nice way to tell Google about your site. Before applying for Google Adsense program you need to install a Google Analytics code on your website. For this you need to sign up for Google Analytics and paste the tracing code into your website that you have got from Google Analytics. Next you need to Add your site to Google Webmaster tool and verify your website to Google.

          Age Verification:
Age verification! Yeah it’s matter a lot, According to the Google Adsense policy if You are less than 18 years old you can’t have a Google Adsense account. So before applying for Google Adsense account make sure you are 18 years old or more. Google don’t approved the application who is less than 18 years old. Many blogger in a hurry don’t care about Age and apply for Adsense.

          Other Ad Networks:
If you are using any other Ads on your site like Chitika, Clicksor, Adbrite or any more, remove these all ads before applying for Google Adsense. Google Adsense doesn’t allow you to use other CPC Ad network like Adsense at a time. However Google Adsene allows you t ouse other type of Ad networks along with Adsense, but it’s better to remove the ads before applying for Adsense.
These are the most effective tips for getting Google Adsense approval quickly. But there is something more than these tips to consider before applying for Google Adsense program. If you still haven’t read the Google Adsense term & Conditions, you must have to read it. While applying for Google Adsense make sure that you are filling each field correctly because even a single mistake can get your application disapproved for Google Adsense.
I hope your Adsense account will be approved if you follow these tips. If you have any query about getting Google Adsense approval just drop you view via comment box below.
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Wonderful !! you make me to great experience. I will do it same you.

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I am going to ask for data from friends.

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your post is much informative and effective. Please something more about the copy paste?? what is the limitation in copy paste some data to my blog??

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I could not follow your question if you want to ask about copy data from other website then its not good for your website even also not good for adsense. Copied data on any other website is infringing of DMCA. So I will not recomend you



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