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Note: Must
followed the first step without completion of step one
your account will be deactivated anytime.

What is Daily SMS
Tweet Service?: Our Daily Tweet Service
is a free daily SMS service which is providing free daily SMS News , Jokes , Cricket Update , Weather Updates , Poetry alerts services. For Activation
please fill up the form (Step: 1) below & Follow Step Two instructions after submitting the form below.
First time activation charges are just 50 Paisa . There are no more charges for life time.

Note : When your service will be activated then you will receive a message from our Tweet Service in which you will receive some instructions for reply of message & assist yet ignore all messages otherwise every message will be charged for 50 paisas .

Please Ignore Messages Belwo ;

First message

You’re now fowllowing @AchiSite. Their tweets will be sent to you.
send OFF @AchiSite to stop.

Second Message :

Note : Your
phone notifications setting for tweets is currently off.
Reply w/ ON to start receiving their tweets to your

Third Message :

Third Message will show you our first alert message.

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Step : 1

Please Complete this form.

After registration followed step 2

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Name: نام
Email address: اى ميل
Your city: آپ کا شہر
Your Cell No: آپ کا موبائل نمبر
Gender: جنس
Your Network نيٹ ورک
Your account will be activated within 24 hours (Be Patience Please) آپکا اکاونٹ تقريبا چوبيس گھنٹوں ميں ايکٹو کر ديا جاۓ گا
Step : 2 You can join service by sending a SMS to 40404

Write a text message from your mobile (follow achisite) without brackets & send it to 40404 If you want to deactivate this service then write a text message from your mobile (OFF achisite) without brackets & send it to 40404 . اب اچھی سائٹ سے زندگی کو ٹویٹ کریں

Must Followed Step one for activation


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ہمارى ايس ايم ايس سروس کيسى لگتى ہے اپنى راے سے ہميں
آگاہ کريں تاکہ ہم اس سروس کومزيد بہتر سے بہتر بنا

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