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Which Business is Best in Pakistan

Small BusinessA business is profitable or not it depends on economical condition & social condition of the country. When we talk approximately Pakistan so it has to face many crises like load shedding, terrorism & economical fall down. In this condition of the country it is not effortless to suggest a satisfactory business which will be profitable for you. But According to our experts survey there are still some businesses are on the high peak & suitable for the people of all classes. It is pertinent to mention here that a majority of Pakistani people are not rich & they belong to middle class families. So it is very difficult for everyone to invest a huge amount in a new business. Therefore we have suggested you some low investments businesses here. We hope these below businesses will be profitable for you.

Desi Food Restaurant & Fast Food Shop

We can live without everything yet food is very significant for everyone. So according to experts survey report. Food restaurants & hotels business are very popular & profitable business in Pakistan. Most of people consider that hotel or a restaurant business can be started with a huge amount. But they could not know that they can start this business from a small business. Small hotels & restaurants business is moreover so much profitable. You can start this business with a small investment & from a small shop. We hope if you have satisfactory taste of food & quality of food is fine then your business will be at the high peak very soon.

Departmental Store Or A Small General Store

Departmental store or small general stores are moreover a satisfactory option for new businessmen. Nobody can deny for the importance of food items which we utilize at home. So departmental stores are moreover a very nice option for new businessmen & if you are not in satisfactory financial position then you can start this business with a low budget as small store.

 Stock Exchange Market

If you are an educated person so Stock Exchange is a very satisfactory option for you. Most of Pakistani people are making unbelievable profit from stock exchange. Stock exchange business depends on your satisfactory strategy & satisfactory planing. If you have ability to guess that which company will be on the top then this business is one of the best & profitable. If you want to any information approximately above topic or share your experience with other people then must share your ideas & comments with other people.


  1. Muneeb Raza says:

    Nice post about profitable businesses. Its 100% true you can start any business but it should be related to food items.

  2. ikram says:

    Yes every business is profitable because it is your work nd u pay full attention. Also our religious islam guide us to do business 97 riziq hidden in business

  3. mahad says:

    Sir my Age is 20 Sir I did F.S.C and after that due to financial crises and my mother sickness I was not able to continue my studies.I am only son of my parents and my mother is having artificial leg and currently she is using old damaged leg and my father is jobless. day by day we are having much trouble in our life .
    Respected Sir Kindly let me know about this job I will work hard and I will be able to provide my mother new artificial leg and run kitchen.
    Allah always gives you good health and success in your work.
    We pray for you to Allah.
    Sincerely Yours
    Peshawar city

    • bugz says:

      Mahad… Contact me on my email address.

      • naina says:

        hi i want some suggestion about bussiness.

        • admin says:

          what is your budget for a new business ?

          • Awais says:

            i need your suggestion, i want to do business in rwp/isb? what are the possibilities and options?

          • Manzoor says:

            Dear Sir,

            i am an electrical engineer and doing a private job.But due to low salary i can not afford all expenses of my family. I want to do my own business,and have a budget about 10 lac.
            kindly suggest me a proper business.Thanks

        • says:

          I have a experience of 6 years in Fast Food Business. I also run my own Fast Food Resturant. Now a days i don’y have a investment if u have then contact me. I have lots of ideas to run a Fast Food or Pizza Palor…
          Aamir Mirza

          +92 342 5289 258

        • Muhammad Ali says:

          Salam Alikum
          My name is Ali and I am a third year student from Lahore. besides studies I am a business enterpretuer always thinking about to earn millions so I come across many ideas but few of them are really professional and applicable. According to my research the business tactics in Pakistan is totlly different than all other progressive countries so finally I come across a business channel that not require much investment but gives good outcomes.
          The business I am talking about is done by many peoples here but our tactics and channel will be different which led us to compete with them and rise up eventually.


          Business categories: Modified and domestic Automobile
          Minimum investment range: 15 to 20 lacs
          Business potential: High
          Risk of loss: low
          Risk Of Fraud : low

          My idea is not just to find the name of business but the real plan is in special technique ,channel and secret plan of doing business Kindly find me a good business partner which is young energetic and have the required investment amount.

    • Ali Irfan says:

      Hello! Contact me on this number : 03115166647

    • Naseer says:

      Hey buddy. please contact me on my number i just want to see if I could be of any help. 0321-4333324

  4. huma says:

    thanks nice info


    • admin says:

      poultry business depends on your luck so I could not suggest you to continue this business. But if you have enough money then property business is best for you. Buy a property and sale it with profit in few months and if you have experience of construction then it will be more profitable for you .

    • Haris says:

      @ Sajid
      what breed are you raising .
      If your investment is low DO NOT go for broiler.
      Desi is much resistant to diseases and more manageable
      Or you can always consider layer
      One more important thing is do not rely on your employees
      You need to work like a labor initially and save costs
      check water and other conditions if flock gets ill every time and if it is the market rate that effects.
      Try gathering data of past 5-6 years see rate trends there are 2-3 flock per year (for broiler) which are good and can save you money

      • nawaz says:

        I want to start poultry form business and I want send some to get training for it please let me know where can get proper training and give me good tips for poultry business

  6. Rana Waqar says:

    Dear bro,

    which type of help you can provide

    Rana Waqar

    • admin says:

      This article is about profitable business in Pakistan. You can ask any question regarding this topic or if you have any idea about this topic so please share it with others.


  7. sohail khan says:

    i am looking forward to start my own business.looking forward to your expert ideas/comments.regards

  8. Pakistan Free Classified website says:

    starting business is beautiful idea but remember you have to work for around 16 hours for your business if you want to succeed!. First make a simple and small business plan then start actions on plans for your business.


    • yasir ilyas says:

      Dear All,

      I am working in private organization, but fed-up of my job. i know market situation regarding jobs unavailability and un-security. I have done MBA (Banking and Finance) and having experience of job more than 5 years. But after so many years for serving others, now i want to work hard for myself and wanted to start any sort of business, but confused that on which idea i would work. persons more educated than me are jobless i know. May be i am going to make a foolish mistake, if i left my job. But i want to take risk. any small entrepreneur who is successful by his own may suggest me what do i do to satisfy my confusing mind.

      Your valuable support, guidance and comments are more than welcome.

      Thanks and regards
      Yasir Ilyas

      • Saeed Ahmad says:

        Dear Yasir
        I think you could start a academy, you have good qualification so start a academy at home. You can have two sessions morning and evening and believe me you can earn four times of your job.
        What you need is just work hard and show the result. So i think this is the best business without investment. Best of luck bro.

        Saeed Ahmad

  9. Ali says:

    Bhai sab per believe kerlaina lekin rana family per kabhi believe nahin kerna yeh log chor hotai hain Pakistan mein bhi loot rahai hain aur yahan Australia mein bhi Pakistani students k sath gandh maari huee hai

  10. Danish says:

    hey friend, i want to start my online business, of trading, property dealer or any food store. but i have some confusion about how to manage online system? can you please help me?
    plz contact me on my email address:

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Online business is not easy in Pakistan. There are many facts first one is we do not have paypal in Pakistan which is a big financially loss for all Pakistani’s. Paypal is one of the best online payment system. Without paypal you could not guess that an online customer is real or fake. Today online business is one of the best way to earn. But unfortunately we are so far to online business. Last time I contacted to paypal team through twitter @AskPayPal their representative replied to me that there are many facts paypal is not in Pakistan the one fact is state bank rules which do not allow paypal. Pakistani govt do not have wish to come paypal in Pakistan. So I do not suggest any online business to my all brothers and sisters.

    • javed says:

      Contact me i can solve ur problem regarding to online system.

  11. Qasim says:

    I’m a telecom engineer but as you know every one is frustrated from jobs these days where as business is a good option being in Pakistan. I can invest a bit too and need ideas. Just one limitation that I want to continue my job so that i have a reliable source of income that I can invest in business so time management can be an issue. Any one has any good ideas can contact me. 03335550800

  12. sleem says:

    I am a public servant from 9 to 5. I want to start part time business with my savings. I have around 35-40 laks. Please advise what can i do with this amount beside doing my job.

  13. Azaan says:

    slaam to all of you!!! every one is familiar with this thing that modern age is age of frustration and embarrassments…………….i am student of M.A english of Punjab Uni. i want to know from all of you if anyone has a unique idea for business because in meager or less salaries nobody can bear sophisticated life dears…if we want to run our homes with magnificent manners then business is needed much more. so being my comrades tell me what should be done ????? in 4 to 5 lac rupees ????

  14. Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir!
    Currently I am doing job in a private organisation. But wanna start a business also . so wanna have ideas and list of small budget (e.g. Rs 50,000) ideas.

  15. Usman Mirza says:

    sir my age is 19
    i did fsc this year
    now i don’t want to do study further and my family is agreed to it
    i belongs to a rich family and my dad has his own business of furniture
    but i want to do my own work and support my family
    actually i want to give rest to my dad
    so please guide me that which business can be establish in less time and is profitable
    i can afford high investment

  16. zeeshan says:

    if any body want to invest in stock exchange ,then kindly contact me,i will help u to earn 10-30percent of ur total investment monthly,mine contact number03055759747,email,

  17. yasir says:

    hey i have 1 lac to invest what should i do?

  18. Naima says:

    Assalam o alaikum,

    I have completed my Masters, doing job since last 1 year. I have saved money and i want to start some business of my own along with the job. I am interested in stock exchange business. Your suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.


  19. shahid says:

    salam..i want to take start in motrcycle spare parts buisness..for this purpose spare part store is must..i hve an amount of 3 it sufficient to start…plz give me an idea and any expert contact thnx

  20. asad says:

    sir i am 18 years old and currently i am studying in university first semister .My university fee is above 1lak ,and my financial system is not allowing to afford such type of fee so is there any business for me from which i can afford it.i have done inter from pre-engineering

  21. nazaket khan says:

    assalam-o-alaikum! asad according to my think seslected tution is best way to solv ur problem. it will be helpfull for your own study and also a respectable way of earning money.

  22. sir i have complete bsc .now i am jobless .i belong to poor family .so i want to start a small business .so please give some suggestion what type business best for me ?

  23. Usman Afzal says:

    I am doing Industrial Engineering but i want to start my own business.
    I want to establish such a business that will equalizes its input and output in start.
    Suggest me the different business ideas!!!!

  24. adiltariq says:

    Im starting a new project
    I give u 5% every month on ur capital amount
    U invest 5 lac n i give u 25000 per month on ur amount

  25. Shahid Khan says:

    I am interested in business, almost set my mind for construction as a contractor what would you suggest for this idea?

  26. Ahmad Janjua says:

    Hello Everyone, as I went through with all the comments, the conclusion is that everyone missing something like me…let me tell you all about me..Me living in Germany working as Software Engineer. Alhamdulilaa Alhamdulilaa jitna shukar aada karon kaam hai. but as I mentioned earlier that everyone missing something…After living here almost 10 years, I decided to go back Pakistan and start my own business but the question was what… A big question mark…so I read many ideas on different website, blogs etc..
    I reach on the conclusion that the only business which can give handsome amount of return is Property..Last year I bought house in Bahria town lahore…which return me almost 25 lakh within one year..
    I went into further deep in the business point of view and decided to start my own Housing soceity…for this purpose I sold my house in BT and bought Land which is on top location… Here the missing element comes.. I have two options now that either I should wait for one more year and earn some more money … and start my housing society or find some financer/invester to with can start..
    As I have deep study about successful housing societies, If you give security and quality of life people will definatly come to you…like If you will start in this moto that you and your children will also live there…definitely you will succeed…
    I want to share my idea here, if someone want to join with me we can discuss about share and everything on skype, whatsup or any other means.. send me your contact info on my email:
    Here is what I have plan:
    Total Area: 1200 Marla
    300 Marla for roads, boundry line, parks etc (even if has to add more)
    WOrking Area: 900 Marla
    this society will give only plot as well as 5 and 10 marla build houses
    5 Marla Build house -> 60 * 5 = 300 Marla -> each house price: 40 lakh = 240000000
    10 Marla Build house -> 20 * 10 = 200 Marla -> each house price: 65 Lakh = 130000000
    5 Marla plots -> 40 * 5 = 200 marla -> per marla price : 2 Lakh = 40000000
    10 Marla plots -> 10 * 10 = 100 Marla -> per marla price : 2 Lakh = 20000000
    Commercial plot -> 100 Marla -> per marla price : 3 Lakh = 30000000
    total Amount: 460000000
    If 40% are expences : 184000000
    After expences: 276000000
    We only need investment in the beginning kind of 1 to 1.5 Karoor. Keep in mind first 6 to 9 month we ll only invest there is no return….but after this period the fruit will come…as I describe above..
    Only serious person contact the way, I am from Sahiwal …

    • Rana says:

      Hello Friends!
      Starting new business is a very big task for those who are new. after my lots of struggle, conclusively I found that these business are very profitable and are low risk
      General Store
      School, Institute, etc.
      Milk Shop (it includes Juices, and Breakfast Items)
      Mobile Shop
      Goat Farming and Dairy Farming
      Harvesting Crops
      Tailoring ( Boutique)
      Hair Dresser or Beauty Parlour.

      plz friends share your ideas.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Salam Alikum
      My name is Ali and I am a third year student from Lahore. besides studies I am a business enterpretuer always thinking about to earn millions so I come across many ideas but few of them are really professional and applicable. According to my research the business tactics in Pakistan is totlly different than all other progressive countries so finally I come across a business channel that not require much investment but gives good outcomes.
      The business I am talking about is done by many peoples here but our tactics and channel will be different which led us to compete with them and rise up eventually.


      Business categories: Modified and domestic Automobile
      Minimum investment range: 15 to 20 lacs
      Business potential: High
      Risk of loss: low
      Risk Of Fraud : low

      My idea is not just to find the name of business but the real plan is in special technique ,channel and secret plan of doing business Kindly find me a good business partner which is young energetic and have the required investment amount.

  27. i want to do business i can invest around 3-5lacs help me suggest any good thing to do..

  28. Business says:

    i want to start a good business in pakistan
    My plan to invest arround 10 Million

    Pls advice for nice business


  29. Adeel nasir says:

    i have onlay 1 lakh rupess but i dont know what to start with it as its very difficult to start some profitable business with this amount so plz some one suggest me something good i will be thankful.

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      If you are an educated person then you should start an small academy and if you are an uneducated person then you can start small store according to the demand of people of your area. If you already have job then you should national saving certificates are best investment for small investors.

    • zeeshan says:

      you can start-up with the wholesale supply of iranian chocolates as they have a very good rate of increasing market share as well as chocolates are consumed more in winters in our country
      for this you should search your inventories at the wholesale markets of the city eg. Bolton market Karachi and start supplying the chocolates which may give you about 20% return on your investment

  30. Maha says:

    Sir i want to do any part time working at my home.. i need suggestion..

  31. shoaib says:

    dear I have about 30 lacs but no idea where to invest. would like to know what small business I can start with this much amount.would appreciate your help.thanks

  32. M Ali says:

    asalam u alikum r.a

    sir i want to start new business and i have just 5 lac for investment. Need your assistance in this regard. which should i start.

    Thnx :)

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Its depends on your education. If you are an educated person then you should start from small academy. Otherwise small general store or small food restaurants are good opportunities.

  33. dear hello says:

    I am doing some job but not enough salary and want to doing some part time job or small business please guide me what will be good for me

  34. gul says:

    i have 1 lac and want to start business give suggestion

  35. in just one lac or less amount you can start your profitable business. contact 03333232945

  36. Muhammad Ali says:


    1- Invest money to get a franchise in your area……. in your city, we will give trained ladies staff and we will share profit.( we will settle all matters and issues related to ladies saloon and gym.

    Its too cheap and profitable never be hesitate through this you will get profit and also visit whole world freely,Every year you will visit europe and america related to business .

    investment reuired : 5 lac to 20 lac.
    daily cash will come on your hand.

  37. MUHAMMAD ALI says:



  38. Waris says:

    Hello admin….! i need ur suggestion regarding bussiness. i have done electrical engineering from BZU Multan. but my health is not good m having kidney problem. parents r retired nd m only son. so i have to run household expenses. well i have some 10 acres of my own personal agricultural land. m interested in beef production livestock farm. My father doesnt like it he says its hard nd i should go for a bussiness in market like opening some shop like pharmacy. but my interest is not in this. can u guide me through this dilema…..??? m really confused…!! can u suggst anyother good bussiness other than these …!!!

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Beef production is not a bad business in Pakistan. But we should see condition of you. According to you, you do not have good health so in this condition beef would beef production business good for you? If you think it easy then you should start with the name of Allah. Otherwise pharmacy is good for you if you have pharmacy license.

      • Waris says:

        Thanx a lot sir….i dont have a pharmacy license….besides in my town there r more than required pharmcy…!! Although i m inclined to livestock farming yet i want to know ur suggestion…!! Plz suggest me few options that r good regarding my conditions. as far as my health is concerned, m not fit for hard work or labour type work. Like a branded shoe store of BORJAN,,HUSHPUPPIES,,etc…..!! Plz also guide me if where can i get basic information about such shoe franchise…..??? or any other bussiness in ur mind….??? i know i m taking ur time more than i should be….!!! Waiting for ur response…!! Thanx again.

  39. saeed says:

    dear sir .Aslam o Alikam.i retaied fm pak Army.i want to start a small busnis in small budget (rs 150000 ) i live in in gwa. pls koi acha idea mery leiy.cfm pls

    • Mudaber Qureshi Advocate says:

      Rs. 150000 is not a big amount of money. But it does not mean that we can not start business with Rs. 150000. There are many businesses which can be started with this money. If you have good ability of conversation with people and has some idea about properties. Then I suggest you to start a property shop where you can provide services about properties like sale, purchase and rent. You can get commission from both sides.

  40. ali says:

    Salam, last month i came from Europe i have little invest of 4 millions Rs, i need to start business in Pakistan, i live in mirpur ak. but i dont know what kind of business will good for me, ‘ please any one give me advice whats business will ok? thanks

  41. Mubashir says:

    Dear Admin & All

    Am from Multan & am MBA looking for a business … the issue is i have only one Lakh Rupees … so i request all of you to please please please guide me …

    Your Kind Support & Valuable Suggestions are more than welcome
    Thanks & Regards

  42. M.Ali says:

    Dear All,
    Asalam u alekum, we are very lucky that admin provide us good platform on which we can share our ideas and also I want to appreciate all participants bcz they are using this platform with positive way and trying to encourage each other. I am doing job in private organization but personally I am interested in business but problem is that I belong to job persons family as my grandfather and then my father was government employee so I am afraid to start my own business due to lack of awareness but when I visit this site and read comments of all participants I get a lot of business ideas that I can start with small capital at the end I want to ask one question from admin that if some body want to start any kind of business either it is relevant with food items or some sort of property business do you think that experience is necessary for any kind of business?

  43. Qazi Iqrar says:

    Salam to all.
    I have an idea to start hotal in mardan but i haven’t experience in this regard & i have 8 lac rupees plz dear if you have any experience plz help me from your your good suggestions
    Thank’s you all

  44. hamayun says:

    Hello Admin,
    i have around 15 lakh. can you suggest me any business with this investment

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      first of all you should see your interest of business. Most of people have much interest in the business of general store and there are many people who want to invest money in stock exchange.

  45. Shafiq Rahman says:

    Hi Dear Admin.

    I am working abroad from last 10 Years. I am bachelor in hospitality. Working in 3* hotel.
    I am planning to settle in Pakistan, Lahore. I want to start a business with 35 Lks. So please give me Idea what business will good in Lahore, Pakistan
    Thank you


  46. Kashif says:

    Dear All
    My name is Kashif and I am from Abbottabad. I lived in West Africa for eight years and now back in Pakistan currently I am doing construction in Abbottabad which will finish very soon by God Grace.
    I am going to start business in Abbottabad and looking for investors as I have put most of my savings in construction. Business I will start is Car wash service station along with auto mobile change, auto decoration, alloy rims and tyres. I have some savings but need little more I have great ideas to attract customers
    For detail please contact me on or on whatssapp 00231555091951 or my cell number is 00923455281443
    Best regards

  47. sir,
    i am 28 M
    me and my friend want to start fast food & BBQ in bharia town p 2 and we have 1.2 million. i know some good cock and thay say in stating suport us
    what u say is that good business for us. we both friend belong for middel class and no more if we lose.
    any one idea

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Yes its good idea and I hope it will be profitable for you. I have some suggestions for you. Before starting fast food restaurant well decorate your restaurant place. First look can leave a good impression on your customer. Second thing advertisement. Advertisement on cable and banners can make your business popular. Provide neat and clean uniform to your servants. Its not costly. But its impressive.

  48. rizwan ashraf says:

    dear sir
    i am chemical engineer and passed my degree in 2013 till now i am jobless and now i start my own business kindly suggest me any business.
    which will start from low capital

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Any business depends on investment, location, person interest and demand of people. Please write us again with information above.

  49. Aamir Saleem says:

    So nice tutorial, i’m also do this kind of article on my blog.

  50. Hi admin,I want to start poultry business in lahore,but i have no expirience so plzz help me,what is best for me about poultry farm..and meet with related field person or give me contact number.Thanks

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      If you live in lahore city then I suggest you to visit chaburji medicine and feed market there you can collect helping information.

  51. Sajid says:

    Dear Admin! AOA
    I purchased a auto rikshaw on installment and i m driving it in the evening after my duty 7:00 pm to 12: 00 Pm. But it proves a more loss and less profit business for me. can someone help and guide me to turn it in a profitable business.
    Graduate having 5 yrs exp in Admin.

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      You have taken a very good decision to get a rikshaw on installments. There are many people in Pakistani who are getting extra money from driving auto rikshaw. But follow instructions below and write us again about your experience.

      1. Never leave a single passenger due to less money. You will see it will be more profitable except leaving a passenger due to less money.

      2. Try to get permanent passengers on monthly basis who can be managed with job or study. You can drop them before going to your college or office and you can pick them after your college or office.

      3. Don’t think much about usage of fuel. You will get real monthly earning and profit report at the ending of month. I hope it will be more profitable.

  52. sara says:

    i m student of 6th smister . i want to earn money online in pakistan .kindly tell me about real earning sites . i can write articles , i can do prof reading jobs , typing jobs and like this kindly email me

  53. waqas says:

    i want to start bussnes from low budget , but as an part time , after my job timing
    i am doing onlne bussine and selling boddybuilding equipments
    i am earning 15k from this but i want to expand my bussines

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      Today online business is best way of earning but when we talk about Pakistan so we find most of Pakistani people still so far to online shopping. Today most of online shopping websites are offering payment on delivery. Its all for reliability of a seller. If you want to expand your business so I suggest you to launch an online store. Get a good SEO company and gain your desired earning target. I hope it will be unbelievable success


    Hello Admin Sir
    Sir i am syeda Kalsoom live in Lahore . i am doing Graduation .
    i want to Start BUSINESS and my Budget is 50000 only.
    actually My Father Passed Away since 4 Month before and we belong to middle Class Family so thats why we have no More Investment . so please Kindly suggest me

    Syeda Ume Kalsoom

    • Mudaber Qureshi says:

      I am happy to see your courage. According to you you are doing graduation. Then why do you not start an academy at your home. 50000 is enough for starting and promoting a new academy. Today a big number of people are getting billions from the businesses of schools and academies. So I suggest you to start an academy at your home.

  55. Junaid Hamayun says:

    Asslam O Alaikum,

    This is Junaid from Doha, Qatar and looking forward to starting cardboard or paper recycling business in Islamabad.
    I need your useful suggestions. Any person who is selling machines for this business can email me :

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